When will Manifest season 5 be Released? Cast, Storyline, Trailer

Netflix has recently launched Manifest Season 4 last episodes on June 2, 2023. However, fans of this show are very surprised as to why this show ended in season 4. Because they were also expecting the Manifest season 5. But as from the trailer launch, Netflix has claimed that season 4 is the ultimate end of this drama and thriller TV show.

In this article, let us discover details about the Manifest TV show, cast, storyline, plot, and production team. Moreover, we will discuss whether there will be any Manifest season or it is the end of this engaging Tv show.

Will there be any Manifest season 5?

No, There will be no Manifest season 5 according to Netflix. In a recent release of the second part of season 4 of Manifest, Netflix claimed that these are the final episodes of Manifest Tv show. The story of this TV show has been completed in the second part of Season 4 and there is no chance of Season 5.

Let us remind you that when the first season of this show was under NBC channel production, the writers of the show said that it had 6 seasons. The first season of this TV show was a huge hit. Manifest Season 1 was actually a Supernatural drama and thriller Tv show and people really liked the concept and idea of the story. Season 2 and season 3 were satisfactory and there were various twists in the story. Now, season 4 has completed the whole story of this TV show. So, there is no need for Manifest season 5.

Will there be any Manifest season 5?

Why did NBC cancel the Manifest Tv show?

Manifest’s first three seasons were under production by NBC channel. The first season of this show, which the NBC channel released in 2018, was somehow impressive and fans of this show really appreciated the plot and twists in season one. However, the storyline was not that engaging and interesting to attract the audience in the 2nd season of Manifest TV show.

But NBC continued the production of season 3. But the third season was actually a disaster and ratings of the show declined significantly from the second season also. Therefore, NBC decided to carry on the work of this project. Later on, Netflix took control of this season and completed the remaining untold story in Manifest season 4. There will be no Manifest season 5 as per Netflix.

Manifest Season 4 part 2 release date:

Netflix’s OTT platform premiered season 4 of Manifest in two parts. Netflix released the first ten episodes of the show as part of season 4 in November 2022. However, Netflix really took over the show nicely where it was left. The story in season 4 part one really put a life in the Manifest TV Show.

People who watched the first three seasons were really disappointed by the 2nd and 3rd seasons. This was the reason that NBC canceled the further production of this show. But Netflix has completely turned the tables in season 4. Netflix has also premiered the second part of season 4 on June 2, 2022. However, Manifest Season 5 is not going to happen.

What’s the storyline of the Manifest series in previous seasons?

Manifest, a popular TV show that kicked off with Flight 828’s departure in its debut episode, experienced a decline in viewership over time. This led to its cancellation after three seasons due to unfavorable reviews. However, it was NBC’s ninth-highest rating program of the season. However, on June 10th, 2021, Warner Brothers Television leased Seasons 1 and 2 of Manifest to Netflix for a second chance at success. The audience really appreciated and loved the show as it was among the top ten shows on Netflix.

To ensure worldwide rights to the program and Netflix retained the main cast members. Netflix produced Manifest’s final season on August 28th, 2021. Despite most of the cast members’ contracts having expired by then, Netflix renewed for this concluding season. The collaboration between Warner Bros Television and Netflix has given fans renewed hope for more from their favorite series. Recently, Netflix confirmed that season 4 is final and there will be no Manifest season 5.

What’s the storyline of the Manifest series in previous seasons?

Cast & Crew of Manifest Season 5:

The following list shows the main cast of this amazing supernatural Drama and Thriller Tv Show.

  • Melissa Roxburgh,
  • Josh Dallas
  • Matt Long
  • Holly Taylor
  • Athena Karkanis
  • J. R. Ramirez
  • Luna Blaise
  • Jack Messina
  • Parveen Kaur

Cast & Crew of Manifest Season 5

Where can I watch Manifest Season 4?

Manifest season 4 is now available on Netflix. Netflix released the first part of this TV show back in November 2022. But now on June 2, the second part of the show has also been released. In the first part of season 4, the story was still hanging in the balance. Therefore, part 2 of this season actually covers the story once and for all.

Netflix actually bought the production and other copyrights of the Manifest Tv show. The show was first under the production of the NBC channel. But after season 3, due to some issues, NBC canceled the production of this show. The fans were very unhappy because of the incomplete story of this show. But after Netflix owned the show, they made season 4 and released it on their official OTT platform.

There are rumors circulating that Manifest season 5 will be released. Because the show writers said before making this show that there will be 6 seasons of this Tv show. But now, Netflix made season 4 and ended the story in the second part of Manifest season 4.

Where can I watch Manifest Season 4?


Will there be a season 5 for Manifest?

There are different rumors circulating that there will be season 5 and season 6 of the popular TV show Manifest. However, Netflix recently released season 4 part 2 as the last installment of this show. Moreover, It will release the final episodes on June 2, 2023. So, there will be Manifest Season 5 from Netflix.

Is Manifest coming back in 2023?

Yes, on 2nd June 2023, Netflix released the 2nd and final part of the Manifest season 4. The show was once stopped but later Netflix bought the production rights and released Manifest Season 4 Part 1 in November 2022. Now, the Netflix OTT platform will premier the second part on June 2, 2023.

Is there a season 4 part 2 of Manifest?

Yes, Netflix has just released part 2 of Manifest season 4 on June 2, 2023. Netflix dropped the trailer three weeks ago. It also claimed that was the ultimate end of the Manifest TV show. So, there are reports that we won’t be able to witness Manifest season 5 anymore.

Was Manifest picked up for season 4?

When the scriptwriter of this show penned down the whole series, according to him there will be 6 seasons of this show. However, after three seasons there were some issues and further production of this TV show stopped. Recently, Netflix released season 4 of Manifest Tv show in November 2022. And now on 2nd June 2023, the second part of season 4 is also available on Netflix.

Final Thoughts:

Manifest Season 5 is not in plans and according to Netflix, they released the final episodes of Season 4 on June 2, 2023. Moreover, in the trailer launch, Netflix said that there will no season 5 of this TV show. However, fans still believe that there will be 2 other seasons the writer once told when they started this show. So, from the current scenario, it is very difficult to conclude whether Netflix will release Manifest Season 5 or not.

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