Army Veteran Ronnie Mcnutt Suicide On a Facebook Livestream

In previous years, Ronnie Mcnutt gained high attention. Ronnie Mcnutt an American 33 years old man, shot himself in a live stream on Facebook. The video of his last moment went viral on various platforms. the very bad Ronnie Mcnutt suicide scene frightened many people from all across the world. While this case supports the cause of mental health and the strong need for network support.

Well, the reason for his suicide was very heartbreaking. Ronnie Mcnutt needs to be retrieved because of the journey and the effect on everyone who is familiar with him very well. We will learn from Ronnie Mcnutt’s life that loves, adversity, and courage can be overcome before difficulties. In this article, we will learn about the life of Ronnie Mcnutt’s life, how his suicide affects people all around him, and what we will learn from his life story.

Who is Ronnie Mcnutt?

Ronnie Mcnutt is an American citizen. He worked in the American army and fought a battle in Iraq. In blue spring, New Albany, he also works in the Toyota plant. Ronnie Mcnutt becomes popular because Ronnie Mcnutt suicide at his own home in live coverage on Facebook. The news of his suicide went viral immediately. That’s why Ronnie Mcnutt is presently viral.

Who is Ronnie Mcnutt?

Name Ronnie McNutt
Nick Name Ronnie
Gender Male
Nationality American
Age 33 years old
Net Worth $20,000 Dollars
Date of Birth May 23, 1987
Profession Army
Religion Christian
Death August 31, 2020
Reason of his death Suicide
Famous For Committing suicide on live broadcast
Parents Elaine McNutt and Mr. Cecil Ronald McNutt
Siblings Mindy McNutt and Joey McNutt

Career and Life:

Ronnie Mcnutt opened his eyes on 3 June 1985, in New Albany, Mississippi. He belongs to the Christian religion. He goes to church daily. At first, he grew up in a small urban area. He is well known because of his good behavior with everyone and great sense of humor. He works in the US Army and after completing two missions, they sent him to Iraq. After performing his services, he comes back and in Albany, he works at a Toyota plant. Moreover, here one question also arises, what happened to him in Iraq?

Career and Life:

Throughout his lifetime, Ronnie Mcnutt went through depression and anxiety. He faces many mental health problems which also include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Besides this, it is also a part of his services from 2007 to 2018 that he performs in the Iraq War. Furthermore, he is also suffering from his separation from his girlfriend that left him recently. Some of the sources also said that he faces many difficulties alone after losing his job because of COVID-19. Unfortunately, the people who are very close to him failed to feel his problems. He even has no one to tell about what he has gone through. That’s why Ronnie Mcnutt suicide when he has no more strength to deal with these difficulties anymore.

Living a life full of care:

Ronnie McNutt was known because of his good nature and kind heart. Along with dealing with his own problems, Ronnie also encourages others to see the positive side of the world. Besides, this, he is also a helper and an intense supporter in his church. He also urges for the rights of other people. Ronnie earns the trust and love of the people whom he supports and helps them.

Moreover, Ronnie McNutt helps everyone and is always willing to serve others. No matter who they are, he also helps his people and also neighbors. He is always ready and active to help his society. Not only his family but also his friends remember him. Ronnie McNutt always spreads joy and laughter wherever he goes.

Cause of his suicide:

On 31 August 2020, Ronnie started a live stream. When he starts the live stream, Joshua Steen, his best friend, gets a notification of his stream. He did not take it seriously because in the past Ronnie did many streams. But he feels a little danger when he notices that Ronnie is drunk and he holds a gun in his hand. Joshua tried to intervene many times. He also tries to seek help from the police.

In the ongoing live stream, Ronnie’s phone rang repeatedly. He received the last call from his ex-girlfriend. On this call, they had a little argument. After the argument, his girlfriend cut the call. Then, Ronnie Mcnutt took his gun and for the last time gave a talk to the audience by saying “Hello guys, I think it’s over”. He kept the gun below his chin and shot himself.

The viral video incident and its effect:

When he shot himself on a live stream. The live stream is recorded by many people who see it. someone informed the New Albany Police even during the live stream. But they did not go inside Ronnie’s home till they heard the sound of a gunshot. When officers search the scene his phone is still continuously ringing.

The viral video incident and its effect:

The police chief says that the police officers had secured the area and the nearby people before they just communicated with Ronnie through a speakerphone, but there is no benefit of this happening. Initially, Facebook refuse to stop sharing the recorded video of Ronnie McNutt suicide, but then they agree and remove his gunshot fire videos from their platform.

Public response:

This suicide incident was matched with some filmed suicides that are politician “R. Budd Dwyer” and anchorwoman “Christine Chubbuck”. The online responses include just sympathy towards Mcnutt. The majority of people highlight this incident as a mental health problem and depression. The Ronnie Mcnutt suicide video then remove from all platforms. Also, many people send messages of sorrow, prayers, and gratitude for Ronnie Mcnutt in comments.

Moreover, many parents share that their children were frightened after they saw this video, like one of the children suffering from physical illness and keeping the lights on before going to sleep. Other parents share that their child finds a suicide video on TikTok, and now their child is facing symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress disorder. After that, the Prime Minister of Australia gives an alert to parents that keep their child away from TikTok till the video is completely removed from the app.

Remember Ronnie McNutt:

Ronnie McNutt suicide incident and his terrifying ending always go on. Those who are very close to Ronnie receive a flood of support, love, prayers, and memories from their friends, strangers, and loved ones on the Internet. Furthermore, Ronnie is always in those people’s hearts, with whom he has bright memories and those with whom he is always ready to help them. He gives a huge impact on various people’s lives through advocacy, unwavering love, and kindness.

Final Remarks:

The tragic end of Ronnie McNutt was really terrifying. He left many people in shock who know his suicide story. His death is a very bad incident that gives the topic to many people talk about mental health care on social media platforms. he serves many memories of kindness, empathy, and gratitude with people.his suicide also gives importance and highlights the knowledge about mental health. Most people tell that Ronnie McNutt suicide because he is suffering from some kind of mental health issues. Furthermore, our prayers and devotions are with Ronnie McNutt’s family and friends.


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