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If you have great skills in playing nudge, double nudge, and other luck games, you should definitely try the skillmachine net platform. So, you can call it a fantasy gaming platform where you can try your luck to play your favorite game among a huge pool of more than a thousand games. If you have the skills to play that game, you can also earn money from this platform.

In this article, we will discuss how you can take part in various games, the registration process, and depositing and withdrawing money from this skillmachine forum.

What is a Skillmachine net? is an excellent platform for testing your skills in online gaming. However, you may call it a gambling or fantasy gaming platform where you need to place your bet with a certain amount on the radar. Therefore, this skillmachine net website can be highly addictive and risky as well in terms of money.

This platform has a huge pool of more than a thousand games from various categories. However, the nature and categories of games on this website are a bit different from other games. So, you will not find games like Sports, Simulation, Racing, and Adventure categories. But you can play games like Cards, Scratch, Slot, Puzzles, Rotating Wheels, Nudge Games, and Double Nudge Games.

This website allows you to win jackpots and bonuses that can help you earn a huge sum of money. But for that purpose, you have to first deposit the money to this platform for bidding or placing bets in various games.

What is a Skillmachine net?

How to Register on skillmachine net?

The registration process on this platform is a mysterious case as there is no sign-up option. So, this makes the Skillmachine a suspicious platform for playing or winning games on it. Normally, we can see the “Sign Up” option on any website after Clicking on the “Log in” option. But in the case of this platform, you cannot find this “Sign Up” option anywhere on this website.

But on visiting this website, you will get virtual points for playing games. Moreover, playing games on it is simple and totally free. Therefore, you can use the 5000 FUN points (Virtual currency) that you received upon your visit to the platform. Moreover, you get a Guest identification number that is different for every unique visitor on this website.

What is the login process of skillmachine net?

As we discussed earlier, the registration process on this website is still unknown. However, on the top right corner of the homepage of this website, you can see the Login option. Upon clicking on that option. You can reach the next page where you will be asked about login details.

On the login page, you can see two empty bars “Enter Login” and “Enter Password.” So, in the first bar, the user has to enter his username and in the second bar, you need to enter your password. This password should be exactly the same that you kept while signing up and the process of signing up is something that no one knows.

Therefore, the Login process is useless until you do not know the registration process. Moreover, you can see a number pad and you have to enter your username or phone number by clicking on that pad. In addition, the password will also be entered with the help of this number pad.

What is the login process of skillmachine net?

Skillmachine User Interface:

The Skillmachine net platform has a unique and attractive interface. Moreover, the website offers a gambling and casino impression while looking at it for the first time. Furthermore, you can see many options for ease in scrolling and visiting the website. However, the main information regarding this platform can be seen at the top and start of the homepage of this website.


In the Games section of the website, you can access a wide variety of online games. On this platform, you can play games like Card Games, Scratch Games, Wheel Games, and Slot Games. Therefore, you can place bets on these games and can earn a good amount of money through your skills.

You should keep in mind that games require more skills than your luck. Therefore, your skills and gaming experience are important factors while winning the games. Let us enlist now a few games that one can easily play on this Skillmachine net platform. Moreover, you can use the FUN points for placing bets.

Kracky King 2

Dragons Fight

Galaxy Shooter


Rich Life

Haunted Money

Buffalo Spirit

Hot Fruit Wheel

Searing Hot

Fruits Fortune Wheels

Fruits Scapes

Lucky Scratch

888 Gems

Walking Death


In the Jackpot section of this website, you can see four different options and categories of jackpots. Each jackpot carries a separate amount that you win by applying a certain amount of bet. These jackpots are described below,


In Platinum Jackpot, you can win up to $1000 by playing with up to 0.50 betting. Therefore, the chances of losing a lot of money are also high.


Similarly, in the Diamond category of this jackpot, you can win up to $262.50 by playing with a bit limit of 0.25. Moreover, it is less risky and less rewarding also compared with the Platinum Jackpot.


In the Gold Category of the jackpot, one can play with a betting limit of just 0.01. Therefore, the winning prize is just around $15.18.


Silver Jackpot also allows the play with a betting limit of 0.01. However, it is more rewarding than the Golden Jackpot and less risky than all the categories of Jackpots.



There is a certain rule for getting a bonus from this platform. Therefore, the only rule is to make a deposit of $5 to $500. After that, you can get a cashback bonus of 25% of the initial amount that you deposit on this platform every time your account balance drops down to $ 0.50.


What type of games can you play on Skill Machine?

Now, we will discuss which type of games we can play using this skillmachine net platform. As we already discussed, you won’t find games like Sports, Simulation, Action, Racing, and Adventure, etc. On this platform, you will come across games of the following category.

Skill Games:

In this game section, you can play the games in which you need high skills to win the games. However, luck also plays a part in determining the winner of this game. But the major role is your skills in the games. In this section, the main games are ;

  • Skill Pick
  • Fish Table Games

Skill Games

Casino Games:

In the casino-type category, you can play games like slot machines. Therefore, in these games, only your luck matters whether that number will come or not. So, there is no need for skills for playing these games and you do not have to do anything while playing the games. In this section, popular games are in a list below,

  • Buffalo Spirit
  • Haunted Money
  • Hot Fruits Wheel
  • Irish Story
  • Rich Life

Casino Games

Is it safe to use this platform to play games and earn money?

No, it is never a safe option to try a skillmachine net platform without getting all the necessary information. As we discussed earlier, its signing up guidelines and options are not available on this platform. Moreover, there is no information regarding the legitimacy and legal status of this website. Furthermore, you can access the website for free and play games without depositing the initial amount.

Therefore, how can we withdraw the money from this platform, if we do not know where to deposit and how to play bets on this platform? So, from its working, this site is not legitimate and working genuinely. Therefore, we recommend you use this platform for just playing games that are free. Do not deposit your money until you are completely satisfied with this platform.

Concluding Thoughts:

The Skillmachine net website provides you with a great platform for participating in various games and earning money. However, it is never a safe option considering the position and status of this platform. You have the option to play games like Card Games, Slot Games, and other casino and gambling games. But the difference is that your luck is second and skills are first that matter the most while playing and winning the games.

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